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Lotus porridge

With Lotus 1 (about 200 grams), 100 grams of rice, sugar amount as raw material. Wash the rice, add water, porridge. Pro Wash fresh tea leaves when cooked porridge on the cover and simmer for about 15 minutes, thrown off the leaves, porridge into pale green, then boil a few moments to. Clothing sugar, can be served at any time. fluid, thirst, lipid-lowering diet.


Mushrooms lean

1 egg, lean pork 20 grams. Soy sauce, salt, mushrooms, milk, wine, a little different. The Beat eggs, add salt, cooking wine, soy sauce and milk. Sliced ​​pork, add a little salt, cooking wine and soy sauce to make it into the ignorant; would sliced ​​mushrooms. The pig meat, mushrooms in a large bowl, pour the beaten egg sauce. With steamed rice cooker, you can eat.

This recipe can satisfy your appetite, but also promote gastrointestinal motility and accelerate defecation, so you can lose weight eating.


Tofu skin of celery

Bean Curd 1, 250 grams of celery, salt amount. From the pan, the curd into the pot, with the fire and deep fry tofu skin blistering skin can be removed with a knife cut into small pieces aside. Celery leaves the choice to go, washed and cut into approximately 2.5 cm long sections alternate. Burning wok, add 1 tablespoon oil, add celery, bean curd skin, quickly stir-fry evenly. Add seasonings and a little water, and slowly cook until tofu skin get soft han.

Tofu because of the high nutrition, high mineral, low-fat dieters and by the pro-Lai. Tofu is rich in protein content people have a strong sense of satiety, can increase metabolic function.


Peanut diced cucumber

1 cucumber, lean pork 60 grams, peanuts 60 grams. Salt, soy sauce, starch, ginger and the amount. Wash cucumbers cut into Ding. Lean pork, cut into Ding, with soy sauce, salt, starch marinated. Heat the pan, add ginger and stir-fry with lean pork Ding removed. In the pot I sauteed cucumbers and peanuts, add some water, with salty fried foods. Lean pork into small, add soy sauce and salt, stir-fry until cooked pot fast.


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Inverted triangle diet weight loss principles


Why inverted triangle diets to lose weight effectively lose weight? Because of this inverted triangle diet calorie consumption ergonomic rules: From morning to night, the body’s nutrition requirements continue to decline, the required heat is declining. The key point is dinner. According to the body’s biological clock, at nine o’clock, the human organs function has been basically in a weak state, that is precisely the accumulation of fat at the moment. And we are eating dinner normal things that need five hours in order to be fully digest this excess heat, over time will cause excessive accumulation of subcutaneous fat, easy to gain weight. And if dinner reduce calorie intake, consume dinner in the energy, the body will use fat to support human activities in order to make you lose weight.


But this is not a light adjustment dinner inverted triangle on the line, oh, this requires you to adjust the day’s diet, a balanced three meals a day in order to make weight twice as fast redouble! First, let’s look at how to eat breakfast!


The emperor’s breakfast

Breakfast you eat like the emperor same, because breakfast is very important to eat a good early start can be a day of fat burning mechanism of the body! Here to introduce seven kinds designed specifically for dieters breakfast program. Daily breakfast is best able to achieve Level 5 – high fiber high protein detox legs type level.


Level 1: calories 370 cards

Basic nutrition: whole wheat bread + milk

No matter how busy, should eat a whole wheat bread or bread with a glass of hot milk or hot milk, the provision of adequate nutritious carbohydrates and some protein.

Level 2: calories 380 cards

Fiber types: whole wheat bread + milk + small tomatoes

This is to strengthen the fiber and vitamin C approach. In the steamed buns, incidentally thrown into a few small tomatoes, they are steamed, then doubling nutrition and raise antioxidant effect.


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First, melon apple juice

Ingredients: 150 g melon, apples 1 lemon 1.

Method: Peel the melon seed, lemon seeded, peeled apples but not cut to the core of all into the juicer, the angry boil.

Efficacy: sour and sweet taste, color crystal, summer heat pathogenic fire, lowering blood pressure. Apple contains a unique malic acid, can accelerate metabolism,

Reduce lower body fat, lemon contains more citric acid, can promote the secretion of gastric juice, promote bowel movements, help catharsis, three dubbed juice, strengthen appetizer spleen, kidney Gujing, slimming beauty.


Second, Celery and pineapple juice

Ingredients: 2 celery, pineapple 200 grams, half a lemon, fructose 30 ml, 250 ml of cold water, crushed ice amount.

Practices: the pineapple peeled hard heart, flesh diced, seeded and cut lemon on extrusion juice. Wash celery torn skin of stiff fibers, cut into small pieces, the pineapple, lemon, celery, fructose, cold water and crushed ice into a blender along with the whipped 50 seconds to taste.

Efficacy: Lemon contains more citric acid, is often used as an adjunct to diet to lose weight with the people, rich pineapple enzymes and fiber to help promote metabolism, remove toxins, help digestion, fruits and vegetables, drinking this road for purifying the blood and intestines through it helpful to have significant weight loss.


Third , Kiwi pineapple cucumber juice

Ingredients: Kiwi 1, 50 grams of pineapple, cucumber 1, fructose 45 ml, 200 ml of cold water, ice amount.

Method: Peel the kiwi slashing the outer flesh Chengding, pineapple and cucumber peeled and cut into small pieces and hardened his heart, and then diced kiwi, pineapple, cucumber and fructose, cold water, ice together into the blender, whipping 40 seconds to drink. Efficacy: Kiwi has superior anti-cancer pit aging effects, rich pineapple enzymes to help digestion, eliminate toxins from the body, the three combined to help the metabolism, to toxins, helps to thin beauty.


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Reduce calorie intake excessively will make it harder to lose weight

1 muscle mass reduced, metabolism decreased along

Extremely reduced food intake every day, eat a low calorie food was not enough, these diets will make you significantly reduce the body’s muscle mass.

What problem would be caused by a decreased muscle? That is also followed Metabolism slows down, because we are the body’s fat and muscle, there is a shift in the close relationship, that is, too little muscle mass, Wanton accumulation of fat will take this gap, fat burning is becoming increasingly difficult, not cut down body fat.


2 calorie control standards.

On heat control, how can we do it healthy and lose weight? In adults, lose weight, the average daily dietary intake of calories decreased by 20%, so as not a lot more, but also improve the efficiency of body fat reduction.

Male: 2300 kcal per day, reduced to 1840 kcal.

Female: 1800 kcal per day, reduced to 1440 kcal.


Principle 3 weight loss diet can also eat lean


1 three meals a day, a meal less.

Remember, “Control calorie intake” is not tantamount to “eating.” “Calorie intake <calorie consumption”, which is a basic principle of weight loss, but if the order to reduce calorie intake, and reduce them a meal, even cut down weight, but very easy to rebound.


2 diet heavy “quality” rather than heavy “volume.”

Presumably a lot of people have this experience, obviously reducing calorie intake, but actually how are not cut down, it is because the diet is too messy come. Such as extreme reducing carbohydrate intake, and even eat the staple food, eat a certain food or a single diet weight loss method, although these can reduce food intake, but can not guarantee the quality of the diet


The so-called diet “quality”, refers to the nutrition is balanced, in which the ratio between the three major nutrients should be as follows: 15% protein, 25% lipid, carbohydrate 60%​​, this diet keep you living the most difficult fat physique. In addition, if usually like to do sports, then the ratio will slightly increase the protein a little.

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What food to eat to lose weight?


Eat more fruits and vegetables, dietary fiber supplement to provide the body with balanced nutrition needed to control the heat! Addition also remember to drink plenty of water, do not eat breakfast.

Green vegetables can pick your own favorite, but the practice is limited to boiled, cold dishes such as light, avoid fried.

High cellulose content, low calorie food: celery, cucumber, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, and tomatoes.

Weight of fruit: apples, lemons, bananas, pineapple, strawberries, kiwi, grapefruit and so on.


what food not to eat to lose weight?

Do not eat turn avoid high-fat, high-calorie foods. Common in everyday life are: fried foods, preserved foods, biscuits chocolate foods, soft drinks cola food, grilled food and so on.


how much to eat appropriate?

How much more appropriate to eat to lose weight? This question should be based on individual level of obesity:

Mild Obesity: the main control can be absorbed carbohydrate foods, decreased energy intake.

Moderate obesity: diet must be strictly controlled, according to the standard weight and energy required for calculating the daily activities.

Severe obesity: these patients are advised to use low energy diet therapy, the total daily energy control in 1674 ~ 2511 kJ (400 to 600 kcal), such as invalid or intermittent use starvation diet starvation diet.

Starvation diet beginning 7 to 14 days continuous fasting, only water, vitamins and essential salts and trace elements.

Begin 1 to 2 days patients often hunger, then there may be a mild ketosis, blood pressure, fatigue, weakness and other symptoms, and therefore care must be carried out under conditions of fasting or eating.


Start fasting period, rapid weight loss, decline in more than 500 grams per day. You can then continue to use low heat or intermittent hunger therapy to consolidate. There is also the beginning of a batch starvation diet, i.e. a process of low-calorie diet, starvation batch week for 2 days.

After 14 days this method, about 7300 grams weight loss can. But many scholars oppose starvation diet that weight loss in the short term, we may also cause depletion of body protein, prone to ketoacidosis, hypotension, irritable mood, vomiting, nausea, nervousness and other symptoms. It should weigh, vary, carefully selected

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Pineapple has very rich nutritional value, it contains almost all the vitamins the body needs, and it contains 16 kinds of natural minerals can help the body digest and absorb. Why pineapple can lose your weight ? That is because rich in pineapple juice to break down fat, containing protease to break down food proteins, to increase the role of gastrointestinal motility.



Melon contains vitamins B1, B2, C and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, can prevent the starch, sugar convert into fat. But also because of their rich in cellulose, with detoxification, water swelling, thirst, constipation, boredom and other effects, you can send fire Qingwei, reduce food intake, so the weight loss products saint.




Ginger is quite popular in recent many weight loss products contain ingredients of ginger, and the people who used the reaction are very good, because ginger contains gingerol, can promote blood circulation, keep warm, perspiration, metabolic heat, improved, stomach and intestines, ventilation and blood circulation, diuretic swelling and other effects, so whether it is to get into the food or drink ginger ginger, and even the use of ginger bath, can achieve weight loss goals.



Radish taste sweet, low in calories, and because of easy to produce satiety after eating, can reduce food intake and more food, plus rich in vitamins and trace elements, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help metabolism, prevents fat accumulation in the skin, helps in weight loss effects rendering.



Tuna contains fatty acids, can burn excess body fat, balance blood sugar levels. Contains healthy proteins, can promote fat burning, reduce hip fat accumulation, stay slim. Tuna can also increase satiety, lower cholesterol, protect the heart’s health. Contains rich in selenium, effectively improve the number of white blood cells, strengthen the immune system’s ability to resist bacteria.

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Yellow food contains more carotene and dietary fiber . Carotene in the body after conversion to generate vitamin A, can protect the intestinal, respiratory mucosa, reducing the occurrence of gastritis and other diseases, but also to protect the skin aging. Dietary fiber can increase satiety, promote gastrointestinal motility, weight loss and constipation have a good effect.


First, corn

Corn is the health share of coarse grains, its high fiber content, can stimulate peristalsis and accelerate fecal excretion is lower blood lipids, treating constipation, beauty beauty, the best food to prevent colon cancer. Corn has diuretic antihypertensive effect. Carrot high levels of vitamin A, can promote the body’s normal growth and reproduction, to prevent respiratory infections, protect eyesight, have anti-cancer effect.


Recipe: wolfberry multicolored corn soup


1, medlar washed soaked, pineapple, carrots, peeled, diced, corn, peas clean.

2, pot add some water, down into the corn, sweet peas cooked.

3, then add oatmeal to boil, pan, add pineapple tablets.


Second, pumpkin

Pumpkin is Jianweixiaoshi master, which contains pectin can protect the gastrointestinal mucosa from rough food stimulation, suitable for people with stomach human consumption. Moreover, squash ingredients also help digest food.


Recipe: Pumpkin millet red bean porridge

Method: Wash and cut the old pumpkin fine, big, millet porridge scouring the net, when boiling add pumpkin, until cooked porridge.

Efficacy: porridge is the first human health products, easily digested and absorbed, this porridge moisture five internal organs, qi and blood, especially for the weak stomach older. Some porridge Riga in the same warm red beans, can play a warm stomach effect.


Curry + pepper

Curry help fight cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Found, and black pepper partner, the body of the active substance curcumin curry absorption efficiency 1000. Play a key role in the spicy black pepper piperine substance. Thus, when the two kinds of cooking spices used simultaneously, better anti-inflammatory anti-cancer effect. Spicy foods can promote blood circulation, accelerate fat burning.

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1 eat protein-rich foods

While protein is an important fuel our bodies, with which we have sufficient strength to maintain the body’s normal metabolic function, but usually the case, the protein need to slowly digest, after eating breakfast if you just went to the morning run, will give stomach great burden, so in fact, before running, as long as the food intake of about 10g of protein is sufficient.

2 eat nuts, fruits, vegetables


Although these foods are rich in nutrients, but they are also rich in fiber, so better not touch this kind of food before running, otherwise it may cause stomach cramps or stomach pain.

3 eat dairy products

Do not think a cup of milk before the morning run makes you the spirit of times, this does not give you the number of additional energy, it can only give you a stomachache Moreover, dairy products will consume your energy, slowing the body’s carbohydrate absorption.

4 eat greasy food


Donuts should also try to eat in the morning run, which contains a high-fat, high-calorie foods will increase the body burden of more, I am afraid that you consume a morning run hard, so its so might as well not eat them, and also do not have to jog it.

5, Vegetable

Contains all the green vegetables, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, okra, yams, etc., because vegetables are low GI foods will make slow and steady increase in blood sugar, vegetable calories Moreover usually relatively low, Moreover, there is rich in fiber and vitamins for people who are weight loss foods are indispensable


6, Ripe bananas

Ripe bananas high dietary fiber, potassium is also high, laxative, but not ripe green of the effect is not obvious.

7, Walnuts

Walnut only puzzle brain, but also on the stool is very suitable for people with dry, day to eat three. Rich in vitamin E.



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Grapefruit has high moisture content, and even a lot of acidic substances that can help increase the body’s digestive juices to stimulate gastrointestinal motility, promoting digestion, and daily drinking grapefruit juice, In addition to achieve weight loss goals, it also can lower cholesterol, lose weight with cardiovascular disease is the best food. Older women who have to eat more than a quarter of pieces of grapefruit, may increase the chance of breast cancer by 30 percent.



Papaya contains vitamins A, C, glucose, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, can help digestion, clear the stool, to achieve the purpose of lean abdomen. In addition, papaya itself contains a unique protein enzymes, the decomposition of fat has a strong ability to improve obesity.



Mushroom, mushroom, straw mushroom, shiitake mushrooms, etc., belong to the low-fat, high-fiber and protein-rich foods, can promote gastrointestinal motility and reduce constipation, but also inhibit cholesterol, increase satiety and help reduce fat the intake to achieve weight loss results.



Whether red, yellow tomatoes, are currently the most popular diet of fruits and vegetables, especially yellow tomatoes, more high vitamin C content and the characteristics of sugar after eating will increase satiety, reduce other calorie intake, it is suitable for greedy when used as a snack food, Tomatoes contain fiber and also promote gastrointestinal motility, digestion, helping metabolism to lose weight.



Cucumber in the water content of about 98%, and the remaining nutrient needed by the body is very small. Despite this, however cucumber contains alcohol acid, can inhibit carbohydrate into fat, and have the effect of preventing obesity. Cucumber contains cellulose and vitamin B, C, but also with the promotion of intestinal metabolism, lower cholesterol and other effects.55f68794974d47c0994565f8d44d5492

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Have you ever came across the problems below ?

Although already planned weight loss diet menu, but not always careful to overeating ?

Even you feel full at the table. But you still can’t help eating all food up ?

If you have any one of  them , you are on the way will never lead you to the slim body.


You can do some practice to control the appetite.

Select lunch or dinner meal , deliberately let amount of food on your plate, and then push them aside, eat foods you plan the menu and weight.

When you finish the part expected, it is clean plate, you can put many things drained or left to the next meal.


Effective ways to control appetite recommended by Psychologists .

1 Do not put off the meal time

Some people mistakenly think that endured hunger to eat, when to eat until they can not forbear is conducive to weight loss. In fact, this is the wrong approach.

When a person is really hungry, the food will begin to see the gorge, has been eating eat until their first not to mention the number of how much she eats, this is the speed of eating alone on the stomach cause some burden . This approach will ultimately lead to overeating, weight gain, so the first step is to control appetite and ate done, do not postpone dinner time.


2 Extend the time to eat

The so-called extended time means to eat a meal slowly, slow pharyngeal swallow fine. According to the research findings, the same food, chew more times, heat will become less, and when we chew food slowly when. The body will send a signal of fullness, suppress appetite, so as to achieve weight loss goals. So try to ponder over dinner.


3 Beat ears can control appetite

According to TCM theory, all parts of the body are connected. It noted that the human ear has a center of the brain that controls appetite connected points, namely hunger point, located above the earlobe, repeatedly pressing this point we can reduce appetite.

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